The Design Process

The design is accomplished by meeting with you, the customer to decide what you want designed and how you want it to look. I can give you an approximate quote over the phone but the final cost is to be determined by the complexity of the design and other factors to numerous to list such as site conditions and existing structures to be dealt with. Once the cost is determined it will be applied to the design contract. When the owner signs the contract 50% of that cost will be paid to Les White and the balance will be paid upon completion of the design.
When the design is accepted by the owner the permit drawings will be completed for the permit department such as floor plans, elevations, cross sections and details.
Engineering will be required and will be done at additional cost depending what has to be engineered, such as soil conditions, drainage, septic, building, etc.
All of my designs are done in 3D so the customer can see what the design looks like as a finished product.
Les White has been a design \ build contractor for over 40 + years designing and building all kinds of homes, remodels, and commercial buildings. Les also has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for many years as Les White Construction LLC.
Les is a certified professional designer with American Institute of Design and the National Council of Building Designers.